Tex-tiles with backlit LED in different colors

Different colors of backlit LED lighted tiles are demonstrated, a huge range of colors is possible.

Diamond shaped pastel tex-tiles

Diamond shaped tex-tiles in a range of pastel colors, some edited with additional materials such as felt or thread.

Panel of tex-tiles with 3 backlit tiles

A panel with tex-tiles presented at Intercodam during Elle Design Week. Three tiles are backlit with Led lights.

Details of tiles with backlit LED light

Details of withe porcelain tex-tiles with lace imprint. These tiles are backlit with LED lights. The material is thinner on the figures where the lace has been imprinted, there the LED light is brighter.

Pastel and Neon colors

Partially glazed tiles with both pastel as neon colors made with RGB LED lights.

Variety of tex-tiles

A wall with a variety of tex-tiles. On the first picture there are six lights turned on, on the second picture all the lights are off and on the third picture there ar three lights turned on.

Colored LED lights

Detail of four different tex-tiles backlit with different colors of LED lights.

Patchwork wall of tex-tiles

A wall with a patchwork of different tex-tiles, on the first picture all the LED lights are off, on the second picture three lights are on and on the third picture one tile at the bottom is lighted.

LED lights on/off

On these sets of 3 pictures of the same interior you see the difference between lights on and off made in a panel. The first picture shows 3 lights shining through the tiles, the second picture shows 3 other lights, the last picture shows no lights.

‘tex-tiles’ in fireplace

More pictures of ‘tex-tiles’