Collection #1 Rag tiles

Collection nr #01 ‘Rag tiles’ consists of three different tiles: a mid tile with textile relief of a piece of cloth, a 'rag'. A corner tile with a textile relief and a plain tile. With these three tiles a huge variety can be made in tiling 

1. Cross tile

In this tile, a cross is made out of a lace rag. It can be connected to other cross tiles or to a corner tile.



2. Corner tile

The corner also has an imprint of a lace rag. This corner tile can be rotated in 4 directions to complete a line or connect to a cross tile.



3. Plain tile

The plain tile can be used to fill the empty spaces between the rag tiles or just to tile a plain wall. Your tiling may vary from abstract to figurative or just random shapes by only using three different tiles.


Here we show you different lay-outs. All possible with only 3 tiles of this 'rag tile' collection. 

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