Pure white porcelain

Tex-tiles are unique translucent porcelain wall tiles with a textile relief. They are made of the purest whitest porcelain, the surface looks soft and touchable, you want to feel it. 

Internal scattering

When light falls on the tiles, the tiles will partly absorb the light in the surface, this effect is called internal scattering, just like it happens to clouds or cotton wool. 

About tex-tiles

With the tex-tiles Studio Barbara Vos has designed unique porcelain tiling suitable for any space, from office to sauna, hotel to wellness centre, kitchen and bathroom. Barbara Vos has combined translucent porcelain with the softness and texture of lace and other fabrics. Read more


About Barbara Vos

Tex-tiles are designed and developed by Studio Barbara Vos. The studio is run by Dutch Product Designer and Interior Architect Barbara Vos. She is known for her playful designs and re-use of materials. Barbara Vos is inspired by patterns, repetitions and prints. The studio is located in The Hague, The Netherlands. Read more



Studio Barbara Vos

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