Custom Design

Your own personalized tiles

We can create your own unique, personalized tiles, fitted to the style of your company building or environment or interior of your house. You can provide your own fabric, or we can search for a matching fabric. A translation of the brand or family name in the tiles is one of many possibilities. 

Memories in porcelain

Choose your own fabric or lace to create a beautiful imprint in the porcelain tiles. Even your weddingdress or another fabric that has special memories can be used to create a relief at the surface of the tiles. Like this you can keep you memories with you forever. 



Color can be added to, to create your personal tiles. We can add color by glazing or using pigments in the porcelain directly. Below you see a pastel pink color added to the porcelain. Together with the lace (in this picture it is from a weddingdress) it gives an extra dimension to the tile.

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