Unique translucent porcelain wall tiles with a textile relief

With the tex-tiles Studio Barbara Vos has designed unique porcelain tiling with an ever changing emotion… suitable for any space, from office to sauna, hotel to wellness centre, kitchen and bathroom. Barbara Vos has combined translucent porcelain with the softness and texture of lace. Subtle lighting can be added behind the tiles, which shines through. It reveals the beautiful imperfections and movement of the tex-tiles.

Ever changing emotion

Handmade porcelain tiling with an ever changing emotion.

Suitable for any space

From office to hotel, to sauna, kitchen and bathroom.

Lace & textile imprint

Because of the textile imprint, each tile is different and unique.

Porcelain tiles versus traditional tiles

Normally tiles are made of earthenware. ‘Tex-tiles’ are made of porcelain. Porcelain by itself is 100% waterproof. Porcelain is normally used to make delicate tea cups and other fine tableware. tex-tiles by Studio Barbara Vos - Subtle lighting added behind tex-tiles Because of the waterproof quality the tile does not need any glazing which makes it very special and different from other tiles. The tiles are polished by hand which gives them an unexpected soft feeling.

“A skeleton of light dances in her porcelain dress. Shyly she shows her insides. She only shines when caressed by water.” By Yassine Salihine.


A subtle imprint of textile

A tex-tile has an imprint of textile fabric. It shows a subtle relief. The imprints of tex-tiles are different all the time. It shows the imperfection and movement of textile. You can make a lot of pattern variations by combining different tiles.

tex-tiles with LED lights

There is also the possibility to vary with LED-lighting behind the tiling.

  • All lights offAll lights off
  • One light onOne light on
  • Three lights onThree lights on
  • One light onOne light on
  • One light onOne light on
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Brochure tex-tiles

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