Collection tex-tiles no#1 ‘Rag time’

Huge variety in tiling

With three tiles a huge variety can be made in tiling.

Translucent porcelain tiling

The emotion is made stronger by adding light behind the tex-tile.

Imperfections and movement

The imperfections and movement of tex-tiles.

Design your wall

Collection nr #01 ‘Rag time’ consists of three different tiles: a mid tile with textile relief, a corner tile with textile relief and a plain tile. With these three tiles a huge variety can be made in tiling as you can see on these drawings:

tex-tiles by Studio Barbara Vos | Collection no #1, huge variety in tiling

The corner tile can be rotated in 4 directions to complete a line. The mid tile can be used to connect the line as a cross section. The plain tile can be used to fill the empty spaces. Your tiling may vary from abstract to figurative or just random shapes by only using three different tiles!

porcelain versus all other earthenware tiles;

no toxic glazing, but glazing is possible if preferred;
15 x 15 cm;
easy to maintain and clean, durable;
suitable for any space like a sauna, wellnesscentre, hotel, office;
possibility to lighten tiles from behind with long life LED lights;
soft texture and feeling;
available in customized designs & sizes.

Studio Barbara Vos | tex-tiles